More work of fans linked

The Shenmue fan community is amazing and productive. Having stayed away from the franchise and community for quite a while I discover new works everyday. Today I added several links to these peoples’ contributions. Please give them a read/view/like!

shenmuetalk – episode 4: how about those stretch goals?

I quickly put together a new episode where I talk about the latest stretch goals-reveal in today’s update on Kickstarter and the possibilities of a future extended campaign: Hopefully there will be a new episodes this weekend, including one in the “backer news”-format. For the earlier episodes, check Videos.

shenmuetalk – episode 3: let’s start up shenmue

Today we start up and watch the introduction of the original Shenmue while starting to discuss what made it so great and revolutionary at the time. Sorry for lack of gameplay but time was against me. I will return for another look at the game, continuing from where I left off. Hopefully there will also … More shenmuetalk – episode 3: let’s start up shenmue