Yu Suzuki Twitter Q&A Recap 10/7/15

This transcript originates from a post by user ‘Peter’ on Shenmuedojo, translation is due to Capsule Toy Maniac.

Bryan Figueroa – Considering how the Twitch video helped raise funds, are you willing to do another one before the Kickstarter ends?

YS: I would like to do Twitch and Reddit session again.

#SAVESHENMUE III – What is your worst fear when making a game?

YS: Creating new elements. hard to tell if it will work. Enhance by simplifying. If not, need to add more elements.

RiGoRmOrTiS UK – Will Shenmue 3 start in the cave? I want the satisfaction of leaving it myself! don’t skip the moment!

YS: Either from Shenhua’s house, or the road leading up to Bailu Village.

RiGoRmOrTiS UK – Ryo’s jacket looks too neat and tidy, will it be changed to look closer to Shenmue 1 & 2?

YS: I’m thinking the same. I want it to be more worn out and fits more to Ryo. Brand new jacket doesn’t fit.

ThePhantomPain = suzuki-san is it possible to maybe play darts & other mini games online against fellow shenmue fans in shenmue 3?

YS: It’s one of the things I want to do, but we can’t do it all, so still thinking.

#SaveShenmue – who would win in a race, Hang-On motorcycle vs. Out Run car?

YS: Definitely the bike. He can’t lose to some joyrider with a girl in the passenger seat. or The not caught by police.

#SaveShenmue – what is your favourite Japanese food/dish to eat?

YS: Sushi.

ThePhantomPain – Hi suzuki-san if all goes to plan when will we see first gameplay footage of shenmue 3?

YS: The footage of final version will come out sometime in 2017

LEISURE GAMING – Will Shenmue 3 have controller support? I can’t play with the keyboard and need a console controller to game on pc.

YS: I’m still thinking about what would be the best.

Barnaby Panton – What will be in the art book? Will it be art just from Shenmue III, or will it be art from all the Shenmue games?

YS: I’m want to hear requests and comments from you about what we will include.

#SAVESHENMUE III – Any chance to see Hamtaro as a cameo in Shenmue 3?

YS: http://t.co/qi0CFCSQmi

DO IT! – Will you draw new trailer for help the KS?

YS: Yes we are planning to publish it. Please check our KS page frequently.

Hibiki Rush – Did you base any of the Shenmue characters on people you knew in real life?

YS: Some of the characters are based on the team: Takimoto-san, Takeuchi-san, Hirai-san and Miyawaki-san.

シェンムー好きな人 – Does the Ryo call Goro?

YS: I like Goro, but I don’t know how popular he is among the fans…

Sumio Kodai – And will we be seeing the classic QTEs style return with the flashing icons?

YS: Yes I would like to implement it. I want it to be cooler than Shenmue 1 and 2.

Rob Townsend – If you could create a spin-off game based around a character other than Ryo, who would you choose?

YS: I think it would be Ren. He grows from a rogue to the head of the HK Heavens. His fate is then changed by Ryo completely.

Neo Zeed – Please explain the High Ground Battle System stretch goal for #Shenmue3?

YS: It enables Ryo to have more interaction with his surroundings. I think it will be fun to increase the reaction chains.

シェ ンムー3発表やったね。 – Will there be a reappearance from Hiroshi Fujioka (Iwao Hazuki) who joined in on the Shenmue Gai announcement. I’d like to see his younger self and what he did.

YS: The other day Hiroshi Fujioka sent me some Fujioka coffee.

Mr Metal Gear – would you consider cel shading ONLY for the characters (Ico/Sotc/Last Guardian) to make it look more closer to the artworks?

YS: To fully express the nostalgia from S1 and S2, I’m not planning to use it.

Chris Redfield – where does your interest in Chinese culture come from?

YS: Its the romance of Chinese martial arts and Chinese history.

#SAVESHENMUE III – Why Niao Sun’s breasts are so large?

YS: 98cm. You do the math.

Alberto Hdez. Sande – is it safe to assume that the CGi renders from Shenmue 1/2 are the intended final look for the character models?

YS: The models will have better quality than Shenmue 2

naflo – Could DLC be provided for Shenmue III ? any plan for additional contents after the release ?

YS: It’s under consideration.

Chris Benn – Any chance of seeing a playable Virtua Fighter arcade machine in Shenmue 3?

YS: Shenmue starts around 1986 where full-polygon games do not exist, so what should I do….

Chris Redfield – Sometimes are you not annoyed that the interest of your fans mainly concerns shenmue, to the detriment of your other works?

YS: Not at all, but hope for questions about my other games. Before the KS, 80% of q’s were Shenmue/10% Virtua Fighter/other 10%

Resnate – What are the 3 wishes @ $1400 tier? Will we see more jujutsu in #Shenmue3? What is AI Battling + High Ground Battle?

YS: Not decided, now its “strength”, “more money”, and “be popular with girls”. It’s the wishes of you backers, not Ryo.

Ming Ming – if the funding dosnt make 9M in 8 days, will we see a part time job anyway?

YS: Even if funding does not reach 9M there will be part time jobs. How many is still a secret.

#SAVESHENMUE III – Will Ryo shoot fireballs in Shenmue 3 like he did in the trailer of Shenmue Online?

YS: In Shenmue 3, the scenarios will follow very realistic moves.

#SAVESHENMUE III – Except from cows cats dogs birds fishes, what new animals can we expect in Shenmue 3?

YS: There are scenes set in Chinese mountain roads, so I want to have animals that fit the scenes. No spoilers here.

Nicolas Zurini – how did you consider using Unreal Engine 4 instead of other middleware (Unity for example)? What were the criteria?

YS: It was the color. I believe UE4 could express the “shenmue color”. The atmosphere, the humidity, a world with “smell”

Adam Brooks – Yu, if Ryo was based on Akira was Lan-Di based roughly on Lau Chan?

YS: Lan Di uses the same martial arts Lau, but the character and the background setting are very different.

さ つき@フェリシー – Since the hardware is different for Shenmue 3 we won’t be able to transfer the save. Will that mean that moves like the brawling uppercut won’t make an appearance? I ask because when going from Shenmue 1 to 2 I was sad to realize that the tornado kick was overwritten. I’m really looking forward for the launch of Shenmue 3.

YS: I’ll think about adding Brawling uppercut and Tornado kick.

キ リ – Which version do you recomend for someone who as neither of the two systems? Will there be any differences between PC and PS4?

YS: Both the PS4 version and the PC version will take advantage of the respective advantages of the hardware. So it doesn’t matter which you buy.

サワ @祝!シェンムー復活 – I love Shenmue but I’m terrible at playing games. The only reason I was able to finish the game was because the difficulty level dropped since I failed so much. Will there be a system to help me in Shenmue III too? (please!)

YS: Definitely! There will be a variable difficulty level so that new players that don’t know about Shenmue will be able to play.

Shaun Hastings – How did Joy and Ren become friends? Also I wonder how Guizhang would get along with Ren if they were to meet through Joy somehow?

YS: I think Joy and Ren are a good duo.

Hibiki Rush – Did any specific martial arts movies inspire you when creating the Shenmue story?

YS: Yes. Of course books on Chinese martial arts as well as Jakie Chen and Bruce Lee. I still watch HK Kungfu movies.

Hibiki Rush – Did any specific martial arts movies inspire you when creating the Shenmue story?

YS: The good and bad parts from Hong Kong B movies were the most helpful. JC&BL are complicated, hard to break moves down

芳賀 勇治 – Will you show something at Tokyo Game Show and events like that?

YS: As for this year’s TGS it’s undecided.

こんぶ – Will Ryo and Shenhua stay in the same room at the inns in Shenmue 3?

YS: That depends on the vacancy of Choubu Inn. (Translation)

Chris El-Sharawy – have you seen this incredible tribute yet , please enjoy , from you devoted loving fanbase https://m.youtube.com/watch?sns=em&v=M4nG7m0FZhc

YS: Thank you all so very much. I will do my best to meet your expectations, regardless of budget, and make a great game.

Exogenesis – Will all Shenmue 3 staff be based in Japan or will you outsource to stretch the budget?

YS: Japan will be the main location for development.

Benji – why were the Bailu stretch goals the last stretch goals?

YS: Many of the new challenges in S3 are in Baisha. As a result the focus was put there.

Rubén Vera – Would you like to make new games for arcade machines?

YS: Yes. There is unique good about arcade machines. I want to make something that utilizes holographic image.

Exogenesis – Will we see Fuku-san again? Does he become a martial arts master?

YS: Look forward to his appearance through telephone calls.

Juan José Vélez – with the phone card, will you be able to call Nozomi many times and have different conversations?

YS: Juan José Vélez

Darin – Will i be able to follow people all around the villages?

YS: I will talk to Hirai about it.

by virtue of shenmue – Had Ryo been loved much to girls in Yokosuka high school? Or shoe box was full of love letter?

YS: I don’t think so. He was’t supposed to be like that.

Felipe Vasques – Even if the kickstarter finishes around the 5 Million mark, we will still have Bailu, Baisha and Choubu in the game?

YS: Yes they will be in the game.

FHZST – Suzuki San any details on the Magic Maze? That sounds really exciting and also is there more stretch goals after?

YS: Magic Maze is an auto-generating maze. If reached, the forest area will get much bigger + many events & elements along with it

ATUSI – Among the characters of Shenmue or you other games, who…
would you like to be friend with?
would you like to make your girlfriend?
do you actually hate?

YS: My wife is too scary, I can’t answer that.

YS : Ryo (Akira) in student (in response to by virtue of shenmue above)


にゃふく@シェンムー3発売決定! – Will Ren, who said “This is getting interesting!” when Ryo went to Guilin, appear in Shenmue 3. (Translation)

YS: Spoiler:

He will! I have an interesting appearance in mind.

Benji – I noticed @fumito_ueda , and @Kojima_Hideo follow you on twitter, could they support you in anyway?

YS: @diebenjidie @fumito_ueda @Kojima_Hideo Please support the Kickstarter Shenmue 3 project!

Celso F – What is your favorite programming language ?

YS: I think C# is a good one among the recent languages.

Mura – With QTE being overused in games now, often badly without deep thoughts, how will you approach this in Shenmue 3?

YS: I want to make a streamlined, Shenmue unique QTE.

Exogenesis – Any plans of a Shenmue TV drama once maybe the full story is revealed in the games?

YS: I look forward to your support!

Maurice Branscombe – How did Ryo get a Sega Saturn in 1986? Does he have time powers?

YS: That’s a secret.

ひ ととにゃん – Is it impossible for you to work with a japanese crowdfunding site (like Makuake)? I’m not that confident with foreign websites

YS: At the official site there’s an explanation of kickstarter so please take a look at that. There are Japanese speaking staff that can answer Kickstarter messages.

だいぞう@祝! シェンムーⅢ発売決定! – I loved the soundtrack more than the story or graphics. Will there be a special CD like the jukebox from Shenmue 1.

YS: We’re planning on adding nostalgic tracks from Shenmue 1 and 2 on the soundtrack that comes with the 250 dollar pledge.


YS: Thank you very much everyone for your questions! I look forward to this again. Let’s make this next week the best yet!


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