wasdmash.net is live!

Hi fellow Shenmue-fans!

Just letting you know that I have relaunched one of my old sites in English. I will still post Shenmue-related things here on shenmuetalk but if you are interested in my thoughts on other games and things, head over to wasdmash. My focus will be on PC-gaming but e.g. today I published a post touching on Yakuza 5 and Tokyo, apart from discussing the PC versions of That Dragon, Cancer and The Witness briefly. Frequency of posts might not be better than weekly but I do try to keep the list of upcoming games updated.

Progress of Shenmue III seems to be steady. YS Net did launch what I would call a lacklustre Paypal post-Kickstarter campaign. Best things that have come out of that so far is that we are now almost 72000 backers, and the $6.5M stretch goal “Battle System Expanded – Ragdoll Reaction” has been reached. This is without the PC-version so far not being available as an option which I think is plainly terrible, especially considering that press has kept being bad (unfairly in many cases) but e.g. PC Gamer have been among “the good guys” in this sense. These are some of the reasons why I haven’t done anything new here at the site, I would mostly be complaining. A few conceptual screenshots have been showed but I do not get much from them yet.

As usual, for more in-depth, head over to e.g. Shenmuedojo or Neogaf.


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