Shenmuetalk was founded the 21 of June 2015 by Joel Andersson who will use the site to discuss anything Shenmue. In particular it will aim to gather information during the ongoing Kickstarter campaign for Shenmue III.

In addition to creating content of my own I will try to gather and/or summarize information and works by others as well. I will do my very best to give credit and link to the original sources, but do tell me if I fail to keep this up at any point. If you want me to completely take down your original work, I will of course comply as well. My goal is not to make myself, or even shenmuetalk, a name by stealing the works by others. If you however would like to contribute in any way I will gladly accept any help, but no donations unless they are sent to the Kickstarter campaign. Whether you have created a text, some graphics or a video that you would like to be featured, or find mistakes in my writing (I am not a native English speaker and am prone to do language mistakes even when writing in my mother tounge, despite 8 years of experience as a writer at gaming web sites and papers).

My goal will be to convey as much information as possible about the Shenmue-series, its dedicated fans and the ongoing Kickstarter. Should you end up pledging for improving Shenmue III due to what you find on shenmuetalk, I want you to do so because you have a better feeling for what you can expect and with the full understanding of the risks involved.

The Kickstarter campaign for Shenmue III will end on the 18 of July 2015. After that day, due to time constraints, shenmuetalk activity might drop significantly and the site might even end up as a minor memorial of these historical days to come. Shenmuetalk is simply my way, as a fan of the series, to try to contribute something else besides money to the future of Shenmue III.


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